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Tucson Junior Championship Series Race!

Check out the Results from The Pacific Division Junior Championship Series Race

at Tucson Dragway!

Race 1 Results

6-9 Year Old Winner: Malachi Phillips

6-9 Year Old Runner-Up: McKenzie Nelson

10-12 Year Old Winner: Kane Bratcher

10-12 Year Old Runner-Up: Caden Casner

13-14 Year Old Winner: Blaine Denuzio

13-14 Year Old Runner-Up: Jeffrey Garner

15-17 Year Old Winner: Arein Rodgers

15-17 Year Old Runner-Up: Kade Renoll

Junior Comp Winner: Chris Klostotech

Junior Comp Runner-Up: Garrett Agnew

Race 2 Results

6-9 Year Old Winner: Abram Grado

6-9 Year Old Runner-Up: Parker Newman

10-12 Year Old Winner: Jace Renoll

10-12 Year Old Runner-Up: Dylan Nelson

13-14 Year Old Winner: Madi Crubaugh

13-14 Year Old Runner-Up: Caden Sumpter

15-17 Year Old Winner: Madalynn Price

15-17 Year Old Runner-Up: Arein Rodgers

Junior Comp Winner: Jacelyn Gonzaga

Junior Comp Runner-Up: Chris Klostotech

Thank you Erin Edwards for the photos!


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