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Redding Motorsports Park


6750 Old Oregon Trail Redding, CA 96003

Quarter Mile Dragstrip

Elevation: 498ft


About Redding Motorsports Park

It was about 1948 when local hot rodders, including Roger Whipp, first sought a safe place to drag race their cars, and in Roger’s words, “…offer encouragement to be legal.” That search led to the dusty, but straight abandoned runways at Redding Airport. With support from community elders, including the mayor, city council, and newspaper editor, the meager beginnings of a long, grassroots history of the Shasta Roadsters and Redding Dragstrip began. Redding is a very automotive oriented town, and community support for our Dragstrip has always been very enthusiastic.

During the 1950s, Redding Dragstrip signed-up to become an officially sanctioned NHRA track and has run ever since. In the early 1960s, the Redding Dragstrip became the place to race. Now, Redding Dragstrip is the oldest continuously operating NHRA drag racing facility in United States


The NCDRA (Northern California Drag Racing Association) actively made improvements to the drag racing facility over the years. Shirlene Bramson operated Redding Dragstrip from 2011 through 2021 making huge improvements and adding spectator events for all motorsports enthusiasts and families around northern California.

Today, the dragstrip property is leased to Redding Dragstrip, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and managed and ownded by T&A Raceclub. Dragstrip improvements will continue, under the leadership of Tony Trimp and Jesse Adams, as Redding Motorpsorts Park seeks to become the premiere facility for Northern California racers and spectators.


While the Redding Dragstrip hosts several large drag racing events throughout the year, the facility still retains a family friendly, community-oriented environment. The dragstrip proudly participates in Redding’s Kool April Nites, and offers a wild weekend of drag racing in the evenings after the car show. Attracting nationwide attention and participation, the Kool April Nites weekend is widely recognized as one of the West Coast’s premier car show events.


As a Division 7 NHRA drag racing facility, Redding Dragstrip racers participate in a wide variety of NHRA programs including, but not limited to the NHRA ET Challenge, and the NHRA Summit Racing Series, which includes Junior Dragsters. The facility also hosts many street legal and other drag racing special events, which are designed to keep street racers safe and legal by giving them an opportunity to race the strip instead of the streets.

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