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Radford Racing School licenses nearly two dozen new NHRA drivers!

The Radford Racing School, hosted at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, recently had a monster weekend where it helped 22 students get NHRA street-legal licenses.

“The single-day class format was amazing,” said Division 7 Director Matt DeYoung. “Not only did we help teach people who have never driven more than a Prius before, but we taught students who have raced in Stock at a national event! The way they teach the class is incredible, and they really cover everything from a new racer pulling into the gate for the first time, tech, staging lanes, and the track!"

Radford’s Chuck Sundstrom explained, “We have never seen a time in which there are so many people driving high-horsepower cars on the street. We feel it is very important to teach people how to be safe and enjoy these vehicles on the street in their everyday driving, and when they bring them to their local dragstrip.

“Our emphasis is not only on showing our students how to drive and enjoy fast cars with our Dodge Demons and SRTs, but also to teach them to do it safely, and show them how important it is to do that at a sanctioned NHRA track and not on the street.

“The improvements we see in all of our students over the course of our one-day class is incredible. By putting them through skid pad training, in-car instruction with an instructor, and then working them up step by step on the dragstrip, we give everyone the tools to not only improve on their drag racing skills but also to be safer in their everyday driving.

“Our ground school discussions also talk about making the best out of your drag racing experience when you go to your local track. That starts when you drive up to the gate with what your expectations are, and how you address everyone you interact with. We start at the beginning and lead them step by step through their Day at the Drags.

“The ability to give people the opportunity to come to our one-day class, drive our cars, and then walk away with an NHRA street-legal license, all in a controlled and safe environment, is incredible. We have students from all over the world that have come through our class. The majority of them are unaware of all the benefits that come with that, and how much more they will enjoy their personal vehicles by being involved in racing on the track versus on the street.”


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