Sportsman Motorcycle Rules

NHRA Sportsman Motorcycle Series

Rules Supplement 

Run in conjunction with the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Program



S/MC, preceded by rider number  

For motorcycles running between 7.00 and 11.99 seconds and snowmobiles/ATVs running between 7.50 and 11.99 seconds, using a handicapped start and a .4-second Pro Tree or .5-second full Tree (riders wishing to use the full tree must have an F posted directly behind their dial in during eliminations – i.e. 10.49F).  Requirements and specifications for the NHRA Sportsman Motorcycle Series are the same as those for E.T. Motorcycle and Advanced E.T. Motorcycle – Sections 4C and 4D of the NHRA Rulebook with the following exceptions: Snowmobiles must meet all rules as per E.T. Snowmobile – Section 4E and ATVs must meet all rules as per All-Terrain Vehicle – Section 4F of the NHRA Rulebook.  

Sportsman Motorcycle is an electronics category (i.e., electronic-controlled functions such as delay boxes, throttle stops, electronic or rpm-controlled shifters permitted). 

Data recorders permitted.

Computers (except OEM) prohibited.

Refer to the current NHRA Rulebook or rule revisions for vehicle/rider requirements, specifications, and general regulations. 


STAGING: Courtesy staging will be in effect.  When staging, both contestants must activate their pre-stage lights before either rider may advance into the stage beams.  The practice referred to as “deep staging” is permitted.  The final staging motion, using applied power, must be in a forward motion, going from pre-stage to stage position.

QUALIFYING: To constitute an official qualifying attempt, all bikes must start and self-stage.  Qualifying will be based on reaction time and laddered on an NHRA Sportsman elimination ladder.  

DIAL-INS: All motorcycles must have an appropriate area designated to post a dial-in on the motorcycle.  Dial-ins must be legible from the tower.  During eliminations, once a rider has pre-staged, said rider has accepted the dial-in posted on the scoreboard.  If dial-in is not correct, DO NOT PRE-STAGE.  Riders wishing to use the full tree in eliminations must have an F posted directly behind their dial in during eliminations – i.e. 10.49F.   

LANE CHOICE: Lane choice in the first round of eliminations will be awarded to the rider with the lowest qualifying position of the pair.  Lane choice in each subsequent round will be determined by coin toss.

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